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The mission of MBCC’s Women’s Ministry is to provide encouragement, community, Biblical truth, and resources to help women navigate their various roles and life challenges with a gospel-centered perspective and a heart that desires to follow Christ. 

2023-2024 Ministry Year

We have three main areas of focus for our 2023-2024 ministry year.
  • God’s Word:  Includes Bible Studies & Discipleship. 
  • Mission: Includes opportunities to serve with our mission partners. 
  • Faith & Community: Includes mentoring and many of our special events. 

If you have questions, feel free to email Kelley Brown at  Thank you!

Women’s Summer Mini-Conference

“Faith in Focus: Biblical Strategies for Life’s Challenges”
Tuesday, July 16
4-9 pm

Women’s Bible Studies

Check back soon for info on new Bible Studies that will be launching in the fall semester!


A discipleship group (D-group) consists of 6-10 participants who commit to meeting together weekly for the purpose of spiritual growth and replication.  These women are intentional about pouring into each other’s lives, studying God’s Word together, memorizing Scripture, and encouraging one another in our spiritual journey.  D-groups typically meet together for a year or longer.  Please click the box to fill out the form if you are interested in being placed in a discipleship group the next time we launch more groups. 

New Women’s Group: The Collective

This past spring, Women’s Ministry began hosting a multi-generational gathering geared toward women who are single, widowed, or divorced and looking for more ways to connect, support, and encourage one another. It was a great opportunity for fellowship, prayer, and to hear a woman’s personal testimony of God’s faithfulness. The Collective will start back up in the fall with weekly gatherings on Monday nights (starting September 11th and running through November 13th.) If you’re interested in receiving communication about plans and meetings, please register by clicking the button below. 

Support of Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

Are you walking the painful journey of infertility? Battling the grief of miscarriages, infant loss, unanswered questions? If you’re looking for encouragement, healing, and a community of women who understand the path you’re on, our local mission partner CARRYWELL offers biblically-rooted resources, studies, small groups, and even scholarships for counseling and medical treatments.  Sign up below if you would like to get connected or receive more information. 

Side by Side Care Ministry

We are honored that you desire to meet and share with one of our Lay Counselors or Care Contacts.  Please complete the initial assessment form below and indicate whether you wish to meet with a lay counselor or connect with a woman who has walked through the same challenges or issues you’re currently facing (a Care Contact). A member of the Care Team will contact you within 48-72 hours and direct you to the next step. 

Side by Side Info - Click + to Expand

What We Are
MBCC’s Side by Side Care Ministry is designed to provide one-on-one short-term care and encouragement to women who are members of Mountain Brook Community Church and are navigating a new or difficult season of life. In a safe and confidential environment, our lay counselors offer prayer, a listening ear, biblical insight and guidance to lead counselees toward resolution, healing or positive change. Our Care Contacts offer support and encouragement for women walking through similar experiences. 

LAY COUNSELING: Our lay counseling ministry particularly aims to serve the woman who may not seek pastoral or professional counseling, whether it be due to her preference of opening up to a woman or because she considers her struggle too embarrassing, private, or even insignificant. We’re committed to walking alongside one another and helping you resolve the challenges you’re facing. Our lay counselors have been trained by the Biblical Counseling Center and can address a range of issues including anger, depression, anxiety, fear, guilt and shame, marital conflict, family or relational tensions, parenting struggles, spiritual concerns, addictions, and more. 

Please note that we do not provide professional or long-term counseling. We meet with individuals for up to five sessions (in a calendar year) and then help them make connections and establish a support system for continued care if necessary or desired. If this time frame or approach does not seem adequate for your needs, we can refer you to a qualified Christian counselor.

CARE CONTACTS: The Side by Side Care Ministry also aims to connect women in our church family who simply desire to talk with someone who has endured similar circumstances or challenges. Care Contacts are women within the church who volunteer to talk with a woman in the midst of a trial or challenge that the Care Contact previously experienced and for which she can provide some insight and encouragement. Examples include infertility, miscarriages, body issues, betrayal, financial strain, discontentment, adjustment to marriage or to motherhood, disease or cancer diagnosis, caring for aging parents, etc. A woman may seek both lay counseling and a Care Contact at the same time.

What We Are Not
Lay counseling should not be substituted for professional therapy or counseling. We do not perform psychiatric evaluations, make diagnoses, or prescribe medication. Our lay counselors are not licensed therapists but rather volunteers who are well-trained to address many situations and life challenges from a biblical perspective. Please note that there are some counseling situations that are beyond our training. When this is the case, professional counseling will be recommended. Please click here to read our full Lay Counseling Policies

If you would like to meet with a lay counselor or care contact, please click the box below to complete our initial assessment, and we will be in touch soon.  Thank you. 

Becoming a Care Contact - Click + to Expand

Becoming a Care Contact
Our Care Contacts offer support and encouragement for women walking through a trial or challenge they’ve previously experienced. This is done in an informal manner, and it does not commit Care Contacts to long-term mentoring. 

If you are open to discussing your own experiences with someone in order to provide perspective, insight, support, and encouragement, please complete and submit the form below. Examples of topics include infertility, miscarriage, body issues, betrayal, financial strain, discontentment, adjustment to marriage or to motherhood, disease or cancer diagnosis, caring for aging parents, etc.  By submitting this form, you are not committing to meet with anyone or to discuss a particular topic marked below. Our Care Team will always consult a potential Care Contact before matching her with anyone. We realize that availability and even emotional capacity to share can vary from season to season.  


What is Mentoring?
Based on Titus 2:3-5, mentoring is a ministry that benefits women of all ages. An older woman invests in the the life of a younger woman through listening, guidance, prayer, encouragement, laughter, and good company.

Mentors meet with their mentee at least once per month and maintain weekly contact via text, phone calls, email, etc. The meeting format is informal and flexible, ranging from coffee dates or meals out to visiting in each other’s homes to simply running errands together.  Mentors will be provided with discussion questions based on the Equipped monthly podcast content to share with their mentees and facilitate conversation and spiritual encouragement.  While a mentor is expected to pursue and reflect Jesus, she is simply one who has gone before us and can offer insight and wisdom from her life experience thus far. No one is too young, old or inexperienced to be a mentor! 

If you are interested in being a mentor, mentee or both, please sign up and we will pair you as soon as we can.  


Twice a month, the Women’s Ministry will releases an episode that covers a topic related to spiritual growth and faith. You’ll hear from women in our church family who will share both encouragement and practical suggestions. The hope is that you’ll feel more equipped for challenges.  Click here to access the podcast hosted by Amy Pattillo.

Summer Worship Times:  Sundays at 8:30 and 11:00 am, Community Group Electives at 9:45 am


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