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Community & Life Groups

Community Groups are one of the most important components of who we are as a church.  As our adult gatherings on Sunday mornings, these groups are a place to study God’s Word and apply it to life.  They also provide opportunities to grow spiritually through fellowship, prayer, and service.  Community Group involvement is an important step to building significant relationships and connecting with our church family.  Community Groups connect people to God’s word, to each other, and to mission/service opportunities.  They are the primary vehicle for caring for our church family.

Typically, Community Groups meet at 9:45 am between our two Sunday Worship Services, however during this time our Community Groups are not able to safely meet.  Until we are able to regather in community groups on Sunday mornings, we are excited to place our focus on our life groups from within our community group structure.  Please keep reading for more info on our Life Groups.  We have also left a description of all of our Community Groups at the bottom of this page for your information.

Life Groups

“Christianity means community through Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together

What is a life group?

  • Formerly known as growth groups, a life group is a small group of people who do “life together under the Word” (D. Bonhoeffer, Life Together, p. 17).

What is the purpose life groups?

  • The purpose of a life group is two-fold: to grow together in God’s Word (Col 3:16) and to care for another from God’s Word (Heb 10:24-25).

Why focus on life groups in this season?

  • By focusing on life groups, we are able to safely and sustainably gather together in smaller groups when unable to gather as larger community groups.
  • By focusing on life groups, we are able to strengthen each community group both in this season and ongoing through the ministry of life groups.
  • By focusing on life groups, we are able to strategically equip life group leaders for the ministry of the Word and intentionally grow together as life groups in the ministry of the Word.

How are life groups organized?

  • Life groups are organized and flow out of community groups, allowing them to be mutually beneficial to one another. Community groups enable us to strategically shepherd our life groups through training and caring, while life groups enable community groups to be intentionally strengthened throughout the week.

Why should I be excited about joining a life group?

  • As disciples, we are meant to live out the “one anothers” of the New Testament and one of the best places for this to happen is in life groups. Life groups love one another (Jn 13:34-35), encourage one another (Hb 10:24-25), pray for one another (Jm 5:16), and learn from one another (Col 3:16). Therefore, a life group is more than a weekly or bi-weekly gathering, it is a gospel centered community that does life together through the ministry of the Word.

When will life groups meet this semester and what will they be studying?

  • Life groups will meet for six bi-weekly sessions starting after Labor Day and ending before Thanksgiving. This semester, life groups will be studying Philippians: The Journey to Joy. It is a timely study as God calls us to be a joyfully united witness in our fearfully divided world.  Each life group will individually determine what day of the week they will meet and if they will meet virtually or in-person in a small group setting. 

If you are currently in a Community Group, please reach out to your leaders about joining a Life Group.  If not in a Community Group, please reach out to Ben Telfair at  Thank you!

Fall 2020 Life Groups – Philippians: The Journey to Joy

Lesson 1: Joyful in Prayer (1:1-11)
Lesson 2: Joyful in Hardship (1:12-30)
Lesson 3: Joyful in Unity (2:1-11, 19-30)
Lesson 4: Joyful in Obedience (2:12-18)
Lesson 5: Joyful in Christ (3:1-21)
Lesson 6: Joyful in All Things (4:1-23)

Please click on the orange + signs to expand each lesson below.  Thank you!

Lesson 1: Joyful in Prayer

Lesson 1: Joyful in Prayer
Philippians 1:1-11

Discussion Guide: Click to download


Lesson 2: Joyful in Hardship

Lesson 2: Joyful in Hardship
Philippians 1:12:30

Discussion Guide: Click to Download


Community Groups

Young Professionals
Single young adults, 20’s and up, Education Building – A219

Engaged and newly married couples, Education Building – A220

Covenant Keepers
Ages late-20s & up, most with young children, Fellowship Hall 1

Ages 30 & up, most with toddlers and early elementary children, Education Building – A218

Ages mid-30s & up, most with toddlers and elementary children, Fellowship Hall 3

Alpha Omega
Ages 40 & up, most with elementary or middle school children, Fellowship Hall 2

Ages mid-40s & up, most with middle and high school children, Upstairs Conference Room

Ages 50 & up, most with high school or college children, Education Building – A217

Ages mid-50s & up, most with college age & adult children, Foyer Room

Mostly ages late-50s & up, Fellowship Hall 4

Mostly ages late 60s & up, Library


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