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Community & Life Groups

**This summer, we will not meed in our regular community groups, but rather in Community Group Electives.  Please see details below.  Our regular community groups will meet again on August 6th.**

Community Groups are one of the most important components of who we are as a church.  As our adult gatherings on Sunday mornings, these groups are a place to study God’s Word and apply it to life.  They also provide opportunities to grow spiritually through fellowship, prayer, and service.  Community Group involvement is an important step to building significant relationships and connecting with our church family.  Community Groups connect people to God’s word, to each other, and to mission/service opportunities.  They are the primary vehicle for caring for our church family.

Life Groups (formerly known as growth groups) are a small group of people who do life together under the Word.  The purpose of a life group is two-fold: to grow together in God’s Word (Col 3:16) and to care for another from God’s Word (Heb 10:24-25).  Life groups are organized and flow out of community groups, allowing them to be mutually beneficial to one another. Community groups enable us to strategically shepherd our life groups through training and caring, while life groups enable community groups to be intentionally strengthened throughout the week.  Please talk to your Community Group leaders to get plugged into a life group. 

A description of all of our Community Groups available below.  These descriptions are meant to be a guide to help you select a group, but anyone is welcome to visit any groups. 

Community Group Electives

Electives Block #1: June 4th-25th
Please choose one topic to attend.  Both will meet in the Fellowship Hall. 

  1. Cultural Apologetics: Taught by Collin Hansen. Collin Hansen serves as a vice president for content and editor in chief of The Gospel Coalition, executive director of The Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics, and an adjunct professor at Beeson Divinity School. 
  2. Jude: Taught by Ray Melick, MBCC elder


Electives Block #2: July 9th-30th
Please choose one topic to attend.  Both will meet in the Fellowship Hall. 


  1. Life, Theology & Ministry of John Wesley: Taught by Dr. Mike Pasquarello.  Dr. Pasquarello serves as the Director of the Robert Smith Jr. Preaching Institute and the Director of Doctor of Ministry at Beeson Divinity School. 
  2. TBD: Taught by Jerry Otts, former MBCC elder

Community Groups

Community Groups meet at 9:45 on Sunday mornings between our two worship services.  With the opening of our new community building, Community Groups are moving to their new rooms beginning October 30th.  Please see room numbers below and click the image to view a map of the Community Group rooms. 

Ages 20s and up, Community Building #10

Ages early 30s & up, Community Building #11

Covenant Keepers
Ages mid 30s & up, Community Building #12

Ages late 30s & up, Fellowship Hall #1

Ages early 40s & up, Fellowship Hall #2

Alpha Omega
Ages mid 40s & up, Fellowship Hall #3

Ages 50s & up, Fellowship Hall #4

Ages mid 50s & up, Community Building #9

Mostly ages 60s & up, Foyer Room

Mostly ages 70s & up, Library

*These descriptors are meant to serve as a guide to help you select a community group.  Anyone is welcome to visit any group. 

Summer Worship Times:  Sundays at 8:30 and 11:00 am, Community Group Electives at 9:45 am

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