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Women’s Media


by Ben Telfair, Kelly Brown, Bill Wortman


Every month, the Women’s Ministry will release an episode that covers a topic related to spiritual growth and faith. You’ll hear from women in our church family who will share both encouragement and practical suggestions. The hope is that you’ll feel more equipped for challenges such as: overcoming fears of praying aloud, handling confrontation with grace, studying the Bible on your own, and even using social media for the glory of God.  Stay tuned!

Equipped Episode 50 - Living in the Unknown

by Amy Pattillo & Catherine Barber

Equipped Episode 49 - Stories of Remembrance

by Amy Pattillo & Melissa Wood

Equipped Episode 48 - How God Redeems Our Loss

by Amy Pattillo & Angela Arroyo

Equipped Episode 47 - A Story of Strength in Mental Health

by Amy Pattillo & Kiersten

Equipped Episode 46 - Competing for the Crown that Lasts

by Amy Pattillo & Ellie Hiller

Equipped Episode 45 – The God Who Goes Before Us

by Amy Pattillo & Kendall Kennedy

Equipped Episode 44 -An Unexpected Career Shift

by Amy Pattillo & Katie Newell

Equipped Episode 43 - Redefining Success

by Amy Pattillo & Mary Madeline Schumpert

Equipped Episode 42 - The Simpler We Live, the Freer We Live

by Amy Pattillo & Belle Saddler

Equipped Episode 41 - Let Kids Be Who God Made Them to Be

by Amy Pattillo & Dana Sheheane

Equipped Episode 40 - Fighting for the Big Picture in our Faith

by Amy Pattillo & Ashleigh Knight

Equipped Episode 39 - Real Life Beyond the Reels

by Amy Pattillo & Caroline Johnson

Equipped Episode 38 - Work as Worship

by Amy Pattillo & Hayley DeShazo

Equipped Episode 37 - Meditating on God's Word

by Amy Pattillo & Sara Beth Schneider

Equipped Episode 36 - Welcome Back to MBCC

by Amy Pattillo & Lauren Sanderlin


Equipped Episode 35 - Mind Your Manners Like Jesus Did

by Amy Pattillo & SarahMartha Parker

Equipped Episode 34 - Organizing One Drawer at a Time

by Amy Pattillo, Ashley Murray, & Meredith Telfair

Equipped Episode 33 - Walking With Others in Loss

by Amy Pattillo & Stephanie Battle

Equipped Episode 32 - Life Outside the Kitchen

by Amy Pattillo & Ashley McMakin (Ashley Mac)

Equipped Episode 31 - Finances, Generosity and Joy: Do They Fit Together?

by Amy Pattillo & Amy Tankersley

Equipped Episode 30 - Making Wise Decisions in Parenting

by Amy Pattillo & Kim Downey

Equipped Episode 29 - Becoming Mrs. Montgo - with Jamie Montgomery

by Amy Pattillo & Jamie Montgomery

Equipped Episode 28 - State of the Union: Fighting on our knees

by Amy Pattillo & Bronwyn Cardwell

Equipped Episode 27 - Swimming Upstream Together

by Amy Pattillo & Michelle Long

Equipped Episode 26 - New Year's Resolutions: Mind, Body, and Soul

by Amy Pattillo & Abby Nevins

Equipped Episode 25 - All About the NEW Side by Side Care Ministry

by Amy Pattillo & Kelley Brown

Equipped Episode 24 - Beauty from Ashes.....Literally

by Amy Pattillo & Jordan Soyars

Equipped Episode 23 - Social Media and Mental Health

by Amy Pattillo & Lindsey Vollenweider

Equipped Episode 22 - Cultivating Multi Generational Friendships

by Amy Pattillo & Karen Blair

Equipped Episode 21 - Tween/Teen Daughters

by Amy Pattillo & Lori Hannon

Equipped Episode 20 - Finishing Well: A Tribute to Jane DeLaney

by Amy Pattillo & Dana Sheheane

Equipped Episode 19 - Our Unseen Battle - Spiritual Warfare/Invisible Enemy

by Amy Pattillo & Sandi Prater

Equipped Episode 18 - Screen Free Family Fun - Getting Kids Outside

by Amy Pattillo & Ashley Matteo

Equipped Episode 17: Worst Case Scenario- God’s Provision & Faithfulness

by Amy Pattillo & Blair Dorman

Equipped Episode 16: Addressing the Elephant in the Room

by Amy Pattillo & Shannon Johnston

Equipped Episode 15: Habits of Humility

by Amy Pattillo & Mary T. Miller

Equipped Episode 14: Women Business Leaders

by Amy Pattillo & August Griffith

Equipped Episode 13: Caring for Aging Parents

by Amy Pattillo & Christi Kallam

Equipped Episode 12: What Your Teen Needs You to Know

by Amy Pattillo & Sarah Tomei

Equipped Episode 11: Seeing God in the Details

by Amy Pattillo & Jennifer Hunt

Equipped Episode 10: Can Shiny, Happy People get Depressed?

by Amy Pattillo & Alieta Casey

Equipped Episode 9: Different Seasons of Discipleship

by Amy Pattillo & Meredith Telfair

Equipped Episode 8: God's Grace in a Storm

by Amy Pattillo & Anna Ehmke

Equipped Episode 7: When Obedience is Hard

by Amy Pattillo & Anne Lawton

Equipped Episode 6: A New Mindset for the Holidays

by Amy Pattillo & Kelley Brown

Equipped Episode 5: The Gift of a Teachable Spirit

by Amy Pattillo & Katherine Galloway

Equipped Episode 4: Making Your Marriage A Safe Place

by Amy Pattillo & Bethany Terrell

Equipped Episode 3: The Art of Wise Conversations

by Amy Pattillo & Lauren Caldwell

Equipped Episode 2: Taking the Fear out of Prayer

by Amy Pattillo & Jane Hall

Equipped Episode 1: Handling Conflict with Grace

by Amy Pattillo & Anna Stanley

Worship Times:  Sundays at 8:30 and 11:00 am, Community Groups at 9:45 am. 


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