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Advent Conspiracy

We believe the story of Christmas is ours to tell.  Instead of buying a bunch of stuff, we have a challenge for you: Worship Fully, Spend Less, and Give More this Advent season.  Let’s tell the real story of Christmas – the story of a King coming to save His children.  The story of Jesus.

To help tell this story, we ask you to participate in our 2023 Advent Conspiracy campaign. 

  • First, in November, serve with our hands on opportunity: Operation Christmas Child
  • Second, in December, buy less and give more.  We encourage you to buy one less gift and give away what you would have spent for the sake of the Gospel.  Give the funds to Advent Conspiracy at MBCC and together we will give away 100% of it to our Advent Conspiracy partner. More coming soon!

Buy Less, Give More

This year our Advent Conspiracy project is “From Anywhere to Everywhere” as we strive to take the Gospel to the hardest to reach places.  We will be focusing on two organizations: India National Inland Mission and Eagles of Peace.  As this Advent season progresses, we encourage you to buy fewer gifts this Christmas and give away what you would have spent for the sake of the Gospel.  This is the Advent Conspiracy.  100% of what we raise together will be given away to support this project.


What is India National Inland Mission?

  • India National Inland Mission (INIM) was founded in 1964, and has the mission of bringing souls to Christ, teaching souls in Christ, and sending souls for Christ. 
  • Located in New Delhi, INIM hosts Grace Bible College which trains pastors to plant and lead churches as well as the Grace Center orphanage in addition to a medical clinic. 
  • In the 1960’s INIM started a school with 7 new believers that became Grace Bible College and has slowly grown over the years to up nearly 700 students currently. 
  • Since the beginning, INIM has commissioned over 7,o00 pastors.


Why India?

  • The population of India is over 1.4 billion or approximately 1/7 of the world’s population, and India is the largest English speaking country in the world.
  • In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for believers in India as the government strives to drive out Christianity and no longer allows Western ministries operate in India.
  • The mission of INIM has always been to train local believers and disciple and equip them to plant their own churches throughout the country and neighboring countries. 
  • Over 80% of the Bible college students can never go back home as their parents and families disown them after becoming believers.



What is Eagles of Peace?

  • Eagles of Peace is a new mission movement that was founded by our missionary to Albania, Nathan Graves.  Eagles of Peace (EoP) serves to provide missionary training and mobilization structure for those living in Latin American countries. EoP acts as a mission sending agency to then send these missionaries into Muslim countries in the Balkans, Middle East, and Africa.
  • EoP is equipping believers from countries who have not historically sent international missionaries.
  • EoP has a close relationship with the largest seminary in Guatemala and has established an effective training program to train candidates who wish to pursue life as a missionary upon graduation.
  • Phase I training takes place in Guatemala.  It is then followed a few months later by Phase II training in Albania.  Phase III is the final phase when they are sent out as missionaries to an assigned country.
  • Over 70 people have completed Phase I training, and currently 21 trainees are living a missionaries in these Muslim countries.

Why This Approach?

  • The Muslim countries that the EoP trainees are going to serve in are typically closed to Westerners, and there are many unreached people groups in these countries.  Latin Americans have a more open entrance into these countries.
  • The Latin American culture is closer to the Muslim culture making the transition to a new country smoother and making relationships easier to build.


How Can We Help?

  • Our goal is to raise $200,000 in support of these organizations seeking to train up people take the Gospel to unreached people in places that we, as westerners, cannot go – From Anywhere to Everywhere.
  • It costs INIM $75 per month for a pastor to go through the Bible College and it is a 3 year program, thus making it $2,700/student.  Our goal is to raise funds to send 40 new pastors through Grace Bible College training and equipping them to go plant churches.
  • The other half of the funds will be used to support EoP.  They are currently hosting two Phase I trainings in Guatemala and two Phase II trainings in Albania each year.  Each training session costs approximately $20,000. 
  • In the next 5 years, EoP also plans to purchase land to build a training center in Guatemala that will enable more trainings to be held more efficiently and cost effectively.  The vision for the building is to also utilize for other ministries and events to create revenue that make it self-sustaining.
  • Our funds will be used to support training sessions and beginning process of the training center.


How do I give?

  • Check: Make checks payable to MBCC with “Advent Conspiracy” in the memo line.
  • Online: Go to mbcc.us/give or click below.  Please designate your donation as “Advent Conspiracy.”
  • Questions? Email stephaniej@mbcc.us or call 205-802-7070.

Worship Times:  Sundays at 8:30 and 11:00 am, Community Groups at 9:45 am. 

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